2 thoughts on “More evil? government or business?

  1. Public or private sector do not have a monopoly of right or wrong. In other words there are no silver bullet solutions. Both sectors do some things incredibly well and other things badly. Both sectors have their roles and both are interdependent upon each others product services. In other words you cannot have one without the other.

    An example, you run a restaurant. How do your suppliers & customers travel to your restaurant (roads). You require staff, customers that can read and write (education). You require legal contracts to be enforced customer pays for their meal (police). You require banks to be regulated i.e. you deposit your earnings. You expect to be able with draw your money when you require. I could continue I’m but sure you understand the point I trying to make. While we don’t always like government we need it. Without government our civilisation would more than likely break down.

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