2 thoughts on “Young, Educated and Broke by Choice

  1. Good presentation but their are coverts.

    Regardless of which generation you are humanity is reaching an evolutionary change which will probably led to the greatest challenge for humanity survival as a species.

    Acritical Intelligence (AI) will automate jobs. Even doctors jobs will change very significantly. I’m aware or apps in development capable of diagnosing a patient more accurately than a human. A success rate of 98%. That’s far higher than a human.

    AI will eliminate blue collar jobs as well as middle class professional jobs. In fact there won’t be a industry sector that isn’t affected.

    The outcome, we are already seeing a concentration of wealth. Nothing new historically nevertheless today’s educated classes are going to be less accepting. The consequences are likely to be social unrest if the political ruling classes don’t begin to address and make the necessary economic and social changes required.

    Personally I think if humanity chooses to get it right it could see an explosion in positive human creativity. I choose to think humanity will (in the end) make the right decisions.


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