2 thoughts on “Stay Up

  1. Without question the hospitality industry is one of the most challenging sectors to work in.

    The principal reason, customers can choose if, where, when, how they spend their cash. In other words, it’s a choice and it’s a luxury budget item.

    To attract, retain customers you have to work that much harder for example than someone working for a utility company. People generally have to have water, electricity and gas.

    The second reason to be proud, you likely to gain experience in multiple disciplines for example, finance, marketing, human resources, business planning, management, product, service development and delivery while working very long hours.

    Every day exposes you to new customers, all present challenges and most encounters will be unique experiences. How many other industries demand that of its workers?


  2. I, too, have a Bachelor’s Degree…as do many of my coworker’s. I make more money than my supervisor’s and almost as much as manager’s and I work about 30-35 hours a week and not 10-12 hour shifts like they do. They have to answer to much more. I am proud to have the knowledge I need to work pretty independently. Yes. Be proud of what you do….it is what you do for a living….a piece of you but not the whole you. Do not allow others to define you as anything but all the components. What matters is that YOU know you and that is something to be proud of.

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