3 thoughts on “Have you ever walked into a dirty restaurant bathroom?

  1. I knew a well-known restaurant owner who didn’t care much about back of house cleanness. Sub-contractor maintenance personnel, told their family and friends not to eat there. One or two individuals reported this to environmental health officers, one worked for well-known national television company documentary program maker. The outcome almost led to bankruptcy. The moral being if you don’t care about hygiene you shouldn’t be in the hospitality industry.


  2. Jose, thanks for the mention of my company Intinsiti on your restaurant blog. The link to our site is actually spelled http://www.intinsiti.com. No doubt that restroom cleanliness can be a make or break for a good impression, and the technology we created that are behind our Metabolic Chemicals gives our cleaner the ability to render fresh year in today odorless in less than 30 minutes, from the cleaning the night before. No other cleaner in the world can do that. Thanks again.

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